10 Best Body-Building Workouts & Plan

It is a fact that youngsters love to develop a muscle mass quite similar to that of the movie stars. Hence with that intention most tend to hit the gym floor and get engaged in a strenuous workout. However, quite often one runs into instances when workouts at the gym just do not deliver the results. One may be confused but experts say that such a scenario has unfolded due to the complete lack of a plan. Planning is an essential aspect for anyone who intends to achieve the goals in life and it should certainly be no different here. We on our part have looked to offer you a guide on the ten best body building workouts & plan. It should certainly help to achieve the ultimate goal of building up a decent muscle mass. Let us now get into the details.

Body Building Workout Plan – Initial Training

A proper training program has been the key to success for many a challenging task and again here it is an essential feature for any body building workout plan. Experts say that someone who is new to the world of body building needs to train more frequently. It certainly allows one to push and stress the muscles that bit harder. Beginners will initially get sore muscles but experience has shown that the bounce back is quicker. The key is to not worry much about the initial damage as on plenty of instances over compensation during future workouts have been a reality. A proper body building schedule should involve one step back but two steps forward.

In fact, experts also insist on splitting the whole workout schedule into two basic parts.  The first day of the schedule can involve attention to the upper body minus the abs while the second day can be dedicated to the lower body along with the abs. Experts are also of the opinion that in between the upper and lower body workouts, one can even allocate a rest day at the beginning stages. Now, let me offer you a guide on the ten best body building workouts & plans. The stress has been on five from the upper body and five from the lower body.

The Upper Body Workout Options

Someone who plans the perfect body building workouts should certainly stress on the upper body portion. Below mentioned are five workout options meant to give the upper body a boost up.

  • Dumbbell Bench Press Workout: The system involves lying down on a flat bench with a dumbbell on each hand resting on the thighs. The palm of your hands should face each other. Then one can look to raise the dumbbells with the thighs one at a time. The key will be to hold them right in front and at shoulder width. It should offer a nice workout.  One must however be careful on completion of the exercise and drop the dumbbells only at a safe distance.

  • Butterfly Workout: It is another wonderful workout option for the chest and hand muscles. Just sit on the machine with the back flat on the pad. Hold its handles with your arm positioned parallel to the floor and adjust it to make it comfortable. The trick will be push the handles slowly and squeeze towards the chest region and then return back. Follow the process and one should get a nice workout.

  • Triceps Pushdown Workout: This workout should offer great strength to the triceps area. One can attach a straight or an angled bar to a high pulley. The next step is to grab it with an overhand grip keeping it shoulder width. One needs to stand upright but in a torso straight manner and then bring the upper arm close to the body. Just using the triceps one needs to bring the bar down until it reaches the thigh. The arms need to be fully extended perpendicular to the floor. Repeat the process to gain substantial biceps strength.

  • Standing Military Press Workout: This workout should offer substantial strength to the shoulder region. Place the barbell, which is approximately chest high on a squat rack. Here the key will be to select the weight properly and once it is done one must grab the barbell with a palm facing grip. One must at least grip the bar at shoulder width. Once the grip is proper, slightly bend the knees and place the barbell on the collar bone region. One must initially lift the barbell just on the chest region. The next step will be to step back with the bar over the head by locking the arms. One should then lower the bar down to the collar bone region. One certainly needs to repeat the process to gain in shoulder strength.

  • Side Lateral Raise Workout: It is again an ideal workout for the shoulder region. Pick up two dumbbells and then stand in a straight torso position. The dumbbells should be by your side but at arm’s length.  It is the starting position and while maintaining the torso stationary lift the dumbbells to the side. One can slightly bend the elbow if required. Continue with the process until the hands are parallel to floor. One can then lower the dumbbells back down slowly. One needs to repeat the process and give the shoulder region a perfect workout.

Lower Body Workout Options

The above mentioned techniques certainly give the upper body a perfect workout. However, the best body building plan should also involve a perfect lower body workout.  Let us discuss the five best ways, which gives the lower body a healthy workout.

  • Leg Press Workout: This exercise is perfect for people who intend to boost up the quadriceps and calves. In fact, it should also address hamstrings. The first step will be to sit down on the leg press machine and then place the legs directly on the platform. Just lower the safety bar holding the weighted platform and then press the platform all the way up. One must make sure that the legs are completely extended. The torso region and the leg should be at a perfect 90 degree. Inhale and then look to lower the platform until the upper and lower portion of the legs complete a 90 degree angle. One should press the heels of the feet and go back to the starting position as one does the exhale. The key will be to repeat the process and gain in strength.

  • Leg Extensions Workout: This again is an ideal workout for the quadriceps. It is a beginner level workout where one can get on a leg extension machine. The key will be select an ideal weighted machine and then sit on it with legs right under the pad. The feet must be pointed forward and one can hold the side bars with the hand. With the use of quadriceps one can look to extend the legs to the maximum while also making sure that the rest of the body is stationary. Slowly but steadily look to lower the weight back to the original position as you exhale.  Repeat the process and feel a substantial gain in strength.

  • Lying Leg Curls Workout: This is a workout, which looks to boost up the hamstring region of the body. One will have to apply the pull force but before that, it is essential to adjust the machine for your height. One must them lie face down on the leg curl machine. The pad of the lever should be on the back of your legs. Just keep the torso flat but make sure that your legs are fully stretched. One should grab the side of the handles. Position the toes and as one exhales just look to curl your legs to the extreme but without even lifting the upper portion of the leg from the pad. Once the fully contracted position is hit, stay there for a second and then bring it back to the original state while inhaling. Repeat the process and slowly look to develop hamstring muscles.

  • Seated Leg Curl Workout: Again a perfect workout for the hamstring region, one will have to initially adjust the machine lever and fit it according to the height.  The next step will be to sit on the machine against the back support pad. Just place the back of the lower leg right on top of the padded lever and firmly secure the lap pad against the thigh region. Make sure that your legs are completely straight as you grasp the side handles. Now, you are ready to start and the key will be to pull the machine lever to the back of the thighs. Pull hard so that it goes to the maximum level and keep your torso stationary all the while. Come back to the original position while you inhale. Repeating this process for a number of times should yield results.  However, here the key will be to prevent and swing and jerks.

  • Standing Calf Raises Workout: It is a perfect workout schedule for the calves region of the body. It is a beginner level exercise and one will initially have to take stock of the padded lever and the calve raise machine. The key will be to fit it according to ones height. The first step will be to place the shoulders right under the pads and then position the toes in a forward position. Secure the balls of your feet and then push the lever by just be slightly extending the hips and knees. The torso region of the body should be standing erect. With the toes facing forward one can now look to raise the heels and breathe out extending the ankles to the highest limit. One can flex the calf but the knees should be stationary all the time. Go slowly back to the initial position while breathing out. Repeat the process and witness a perfect muscle build up in the calf region.

You Need To Take A Proper Diet

These are the ten best alternatives for someone who intends to do prepare a perfect body building plan.  However, alongside a grueling workout schedule experts have stressed on the need to have in place, a perfect dietary plan. It is a simple solution that one needs to cut down on junk food and make sure that plenty of protein is there in the daily consumption. Fast foods, candy, sugar sodas need to go out and you need to have a planned intake. One also needs to drink enough water so that dehydration does not set in. These are some of the other ways as to how one can get to develop a perfect body and muscle mass.

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